Sizing, Installation, and Specs

Each Slacklace® package contains one pair of elastic, no-tie shoelaces.

Slacklaces fit the following shoe sizes:

  • Kids:
    • X-Small – Sizes 2 & Under
    • Small – Sizes 3 & Up
  • Women:
    • Small – Sizes 5 – 9
    • Medium – Sizes 9 & Up
  • Men:
    • Small – Sizes 5 – 8
    • Medium – Sizes 8 – 12
    • Large – Sizes 12 & Up
Flat elastic laces in bright colors - Slacklace

To install your Slacklaces, perform the following steps:

  • Remove your regular shoelaces.
  • Place your foot in your shoe prior to installation.
  • Insert your new Slacklaces at the bottom of your shoe near your toes.
  • Work your way up your shoes making sure both ends of your Slacklaces are even.
  • Do not over-tighten your Slacklaces. They should be evenly snug – not too tight and not too loose.
  • Tie your bow, making sure to pull it tightly. If the bow seems loose, retie the bow.

Why buy Slacklace®?

Shoelaces Assembled in the USA - Slacklace

Local Company - Local Roots: Slacklace® is owned, operated, and assembled in the USA. When you purchase a pair of Slacklace® shoelaces, you’re helping to provide a job and income to families in and around Atlanta, Georgia. For over 20 years we've employed local workers with physical and mental disabilities to assemble and package every pair of our shoelaces.